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“He’s unconscious,” the doctor said. “He won’t certain.”

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"Who's your man?" he grunted.
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Chiara giggled and twinkled up at him. “Why do you keep calling me pixie-girlfriend Marc?”

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"This has nothing to do with you flying from Boston to Detroit," Laura said later that afternoon while she and Callia were relaxing in Laura's hotel room while Cooper and Gray worked ended in the weight room.
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‘Oh really?’ I asked, trying not to cough under my breath. ‘That’s weird,’ I added, looking away.

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"You know I could nullify you, Quincy." His voice was toxic. Quincy knew he probably could. If he'd told him in person, he and Keegan would be fighting at that exact moment. Blood would be spewed on one of his walls and more than one element would be broken into pieces.
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