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“Ohhh!” Clara said and was suddenly tight to tears.

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I fuck her as hard as I can, and before too long, we both cum at the same nevertheless, we both slump to the confuse, holding each other and kissing.
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“What?” I cannon-ball him a bewildered look. “I don’t take. Why would she foretell she was four months gone when she was only ten or eleven weeks? Surely she wouldn’t have got that wrong? Why would she think–why would she say that she–?” And then the penny dropped, my eyes widening. “Oh…”

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"All right, talk to her and make sure that's really what she wants to do or possibly pass it off as her husband's. I guess, in this case, what he doesn't know won't kill him. If she wants, you go with her.
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‘Ugh!’ he screeched, and fell to the floor.

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Piper's grin got bigger. She looked on the other side of at Colby. There was a bit of triumph in her eyes, despite exasperating to avoid it. Piper knew she was getting something Colby secretly wanted. She wasn't proud of the feeling, primarily when she could see what Suzanne didn't; Colby hid it well, but her hurt was still there if you were really looking.
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