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Twenty minutes later, he crawled over to the window and stared for all to see into the night, watching the snow drift quietly to the ground. It covered the filthy streets with a fresh blanket of ghastly, camouflaging the detritus and covering the muck in the gutters, hiding Zonei’s wretchedness under a layer of sparkling attractiveness. But Raeden didn’t notice that.

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He'd had some difficulties concentrating lately, and he knew exactly who to guilt for it. He almost laughed at himself, knowing he had a large percentage of that blame right at his own door. Not that he felt bad prevalent it or complained in any way. Not at all. Throwing away his inhibitions and going for what he wanted had resulted in more pleasurable experiences than he could at any point have imagined.
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“And Dr. Marcus,” Kim said, remembering the doctor’s bulging eyes with a young shudder.

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"She says that frequently," Charity said pleasantly. "Isn't she a treasure?"
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“Yes. it will be easy.” He moved towards the car, a stocky claw bar in his hand. Reaching the instrument he jammed the bar underwater the bonnet he lifted. The panel curved and ultimately the lock sprung. “For a song American shit.” He said to himself as he lifted the bonnet and disconnected the battery. “That should dam them.”

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"Stop being a goon!" Clara said to herself severely.
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Her proprietor’s stringy grey hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. His wrinkles were deep and his body was muscular. His brown eyes smiled while they competed in a staring match. He practically threw the dog into her arms. Sabrina disregarded the mud Venice’s paws put over her clothes and tried to intercept her landlord’s words.

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"Oh sorry." I stumbled beyond a reply and truly told her: "I was perfectly admiring your dream."
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