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The paramedic picked it up and looked at it. “If she worn all of this she was definitely serious prevalent killing herself. There was enough in here to exterminate a horse.”

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She got to the pursuing section, and an advert caught her eye. It was, it screamed, for "Makeover Inc.". It declared itself a newly established business that would help with makeovers. It declared also that Good will Simms was the innkeeper, and gave a number.
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I smiled again at her, blushing.

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Returning the smile, Suzanne nodded. "It was much better. It will be exciting to see if your improvement stays on the same track."
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“Well… Okay, yeah we got a safe deal,” Suzanne finally admitted with a grin.

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"Not frozen yet, Matthew?" James asked as he departed through the door held by his coxswain. The man had spent the trip riding with the coachman.
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“Will we even have Chinese comfy big nights?”

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'Mmm you love when I do that to you, don't you Katie?' she asked, sitting back and watching me.
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“Crotchless silk?” he repeated hoarsely.

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As she felt the strands of Suzanne's hair slip through her fingers, Colby sighed. It was neither a happy nor a distressing sigh. It simply reflected the complexity of her state of affairs. On high point of everything else, there was the pay-off of working together. "I don't care and I bet Jim wouldn't, but Suzanne would. She is so buttoned down about things like that," Colby thought. It would be easier if Colby didn't love the job, but she did.
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He gets up, then pauses and turns back to me.

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'And he scores,' I said, giggling.
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“Now, I’m really losing my hard on,” he complained.

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"Now, I'm really losing my hard on," he complained.
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