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“Looks like you’ve earned yourself a precise exhilarate, too,” he laughed. He closed the ledger for the last quarter. There was no sense worrying about what happened more back, that money was long gone.

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Scott was so lost in thoughts that he didn't notice the man before he sat down in front of him.
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And, instead of morning coffee, she made him hot chocolate. Eliza watched the two sitting there, together, almost touching each other, sitting there like newlyweds. Newlyweds, fair-skinned newlyweds… Henry never treated her that way, that…

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"Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?"
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“You know a lot on every side this sort of thing.”

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"I'll try my best," he smiled again. "You're a tough woman, Kate, I'll exude you that," he said as he walked non-functioning of her occupation.
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As she listened to the flight attendants give the refuge lecture, Colby wondered again what happened between Suzanne and Piper. The model time she saw them, things seemed to be going well. She tried to suppress a slight feeling of envy towards Piper. Undoubtedly, things had changed at some point. “Why else would she have said something this morning?” Colby concern. It was somewhat against her nature, but she felt like she needed to pry into what happened.

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"But if you don't I won't lend you my transmitter."
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Sabrina sucked her teeth in response.

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He looked forward to supper. The food had changed after the first week and gone were the fried chicken and ribs and mashed potatoes to be replaced by fish and the vegetables he was tending. As much as he missed the down-home Southern cooking, he ground he felt much better with the new menu... and, fishing was a tons of fun each morning.
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