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“No!” BillyBob tried to get to his feet. “This is callous!”

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"Ok," I said, looking him dead in the eyes. "But, that was a low blow and you know it. Addition I expect my job to be here next Thursday."
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“Drag?” he chuckled back, skimming the deceitfully of his hand up and down her denuded arm. “You went willingly, excellent.”

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"Opposition, what opposition?"
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When Hattie perked up, Suzanne guessed that Colby ought to be coming in dire straits. “She looks irritated though,” Suzanne thought. Looking in the direction Hattie was, it wasn’t too devotedly to figure in why. Colby was chatting with a pretty Asian woman as they walked back. They weren’t touching, but they both had on big smiles as if they were enjoying each other’s company. They both had a drink in their hand.

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"Yeah. Pretty much, if it's from the right person," she said.
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“I… I uh,” Keegan fumbled uncontrollably while stressful to find the right words. “I think she’s a great woman. She’s very loving and—”

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Ahead he can respond, his radio goes off. Please don't tell me he has to aim for. This is just starting to arrest fun.
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