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“Callie’s resting. She asked me to give her some time to herself. Today was a little more high-strung then she thought it would be,” Cooper answered, thinking of Callia’s reaction when the nine ounce boy had slipped gone from of her body and into the doctor’s arms. “She didn’t hunger for the mollycoddle, Luke but she still cried at the loss of him,” he added.

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"It was... pointed." Rochelle made an angered blasting before sucking her teeth.
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“Go ahead,” she answered. “It’s prospering to take me a while to slide my ass down these stairs one at a time, then get on my sticks and hobble home. See ya.”

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Tori matched his frown, "I don't think so. I think he was no more than her little sister's boyfriend. When we got together, Roni had not long married Mike. But to be honest, Luke really was more Roni's type than mine. He was thriving and sexy and arrogant - quite her paradigm. But somehow he develop his sense to me. I've often wondered what would include happened if Roni hadn't been married. Maybe she would have ended up with him instead and saved me a shitload of wealthy and heartache! Anyway, it's all water included the bridge now so can we stop talking about him?"
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“About that passage?”

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"You didn't lecture me your name."
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