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“I’m right here with you,” Gray’s knowledgeable voice rumbled in her ear. “Cum Laura, now,” he added, thrusting harder as he reached everywhere and tweaked a hardened nipple.

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"I know... and I was prepared to take it."
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“Mom says you arrange someone in your life. I’m to death, Suzanne,” Chloe said, breaking the quiet.

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Luke sent me a grin that told me he knew what that look meant as well. "Too much analgesia and she'd be too sleepy to hint at seriously, too little and it'd pain too much to suspire deeply," he explained. "It's not always easy to strike the right balance." And then he was looking at Keep something to oneself again, his expression softening as he touched her hand. "Solid morning," he said gently. "I'm Luke Foster. You can blame me since all of this. I was the one who performed your surgery yesterday."
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“Well, college is hard. Getting financial uphold was next to impossible because of who my parents are. But right away they realized that I was on my own, I got imperfect aid. I still pay for books and anything adventitious.”

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"Oh yeah. So how was it with Marc, Kiki?" Annie asked as she rolled to her side and faced me.
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“Oh, don’t be so grouchy, you grumpypants.”

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"Are your discreet servants, Caroline. Besides, Miss Sarah already promised me breakfast in the morning."
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