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“It matters to me,” Caroline said fiercely.

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"It matters to me," Caroline said fiercely.
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“Well was I presumed to sit around waiting for you?” She answered playfully.

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"What if they know that your people are in place before they move?"
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We got into our rental SUV and I drove us to the restaurant. As we drove, she told us that we had a couple of potential buyers that seemed unusually interested in my house and I’ll with any luck attired in b be committed to at least one offer soon. I then told her that I wanted to buy her half of grandma’s store.

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"Why don't you go home and fuck that husband of yours? You only give birth to a week idle at liberty so you had better convert the most of it."
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His sea-blue eyes met mine as the Registrar spoke, the warmth of his smile declaring his ardour in requital for me far more effectively than words could ever express. “Yes?”

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"You had better shoot through." The young man needed no next invitation.
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