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“Are you telling me you didn’t dig yourself?” Rory prompted after her rant.

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"Are you telling me you didn't dig yourself?" Rory prompted after her rant.
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This also tangled what was known as the ‘Corset Gang’ a group of couriers operated by earlier and serving NSW police personnel and led by latest policeman Murray Stewart Riley.

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"But, I can only gather what you must induce felt... but, the courts are taking that away, saying that there is no justifiable homicide allowed, even for rape, adultery... it's hilarious to think that way. It allows people to act out without consequence, destroying marriages and families."
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“Yeah, yeah, just go around off that damn alarm and don’t turn on the lights! Some of us are trying to nap here!”

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"I hope I don't have to tie on the nosebag seafood again because of a year," Em said jokingly.
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