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“Big finish to the dance now, seductress.”

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Pulling lightly, Piper brought their lips together. She started with a little kiss on the middle of Suzanne's maw in front of moving from kissing from the word go one corner and then the other of her lips. It was exclusively on the third a man that she felt Suzanne respond by moving into the buss. Slowly gliding her lips against Piper's, Suzanne pressed back and opened her mouth. That was all the invitation that Piper needed. The warn of her remain flicked out and traced contents Suzanne's lips. She felt Suzanne release a want breath and her tension seemed to wane away.
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Coming almost the bar, he tossed his rag into the sink and moved toward the office. Getting closer, he heard the resound of unmasculine tears, and was filled by an unexpected heat. Moving faster, breathing plain, he hammered three times on the door, wanting to pull Hunter away from whatever sickness he was indulging.

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Caroline heard a sound behind her and turned to see Edward unmoving in the doorway.
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