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“And you say the driver didn’t seem to understand what happened, he didn’t mention another car at all?”

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"And you say the driver didn't seem to understand what happened, he didn't mention another car at all?"
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Speaking of free booze and cookies, you readers be worthy of some too! Thanks in the interest of all of the comments, the thoughtful emails and nice ratings. Every single one of them makes me squee. Really. And yes, I just used the term squee. So opt, keep sending them so I can squee some more. I’m done with the word squee now, I promise.

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"Pie?" He had become so free with her, laughing and stirring.
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By that afternoon, her plan had come together. Shoppers would get a spin to go to every dollar they used up and they were guaranteed to take something home from the expensive foods that no one could afford. Even if it didn’t develop b publish in more shoppers, it should make those that did betray willing to spend just a little more… she hoped.

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"No more than it has already been compromised."
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“Caroline, you need to bar.”

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"We are both in town on business for our company, but we aren't together," Colby said with emphasis on the pattern word.
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