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She wondered why Jimmy had not said anything to her around it. Another man in the house, especially this house, changed its dynamics. This new relationship between the two men was based on something neither she nor her sister understood but as crave as both sisters was happy…

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I wrapped my arms around her tightly.
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The change in diet and his herbal remedies had done wonders for her self-esteem. Thoughts of his straying were pushed to a hidden corner of her undecided but she realized all the weight she had gained had caused her problems. Combined with his own plight, she had become unsure.

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Bethany Rose could feel the antipathy coming from Susan when she said 'colored.' There never was going to be an outclass to it, was there? No matter what...
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She fake her grimace hang open. The things she’d heard in her life made his teeny-weeny disagreement sound like a prayer at Sunday church… and he called her ‘Miss Bethany.’ He was a very strange man, indeed.

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"Christ, why? I would have thought that the unshrouded has a right to know what is taking place in this country, not to reference its importance to National Assurance that no stone should be left unturned in an effort to find the culprits."
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