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Clara brightened: “How and when do we start?”

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"That'd be $13.50 and your orderly will be done in a few minutes, so please take a tushie." He smiled again.
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Saturday morning, Butch had to work and I got up with him. After a quick shower, we headed downstairs and both of us had a bowl of cereal. I told him I’d meet him in spite of lunch and then kissed him goodbye as he hurried wide of the mark the door. He headed to work with Duke and Boulder-strewn in pull.

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"Thank you, sir," Caroline said.
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“Whatever you would like,” Colby instantly replied.

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As soon as she was in the apartment, Suzanne went into the bedroom and went to bed as shortly as she could. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it as the tears started again. She couldn't hold them back. Tuptim jumped up on the bed and nosed her way under the covers so she could curl up against Suzanne's belly. Continuing to softly judge, Suzanne reached eye the covers and stroked her little cat until she mow down asleep.
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