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I screamed, scrambling out of bed as fast as I could. “Fuck!” I yelped again as it occurred to me exactly whose present it was, my heart thudding painfully in my chest. “Oh Immortal!”

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"My confessor is dying and his matrix wish is to see me settled with a woman. So I need to get married soon so that he can die happy."
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“Huh? Most have… what, loved Eliza? I… what?”

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"I like you!" Charity said.
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“Jeezus H Christ what a fuck up. I send a a handful of of top men down to some jeezly inconsequential country to set afar a couple of firecrackers to scare a couple of two scrap, assign clip politicians and what happens? I end up losing my two top men. I will as likely as not have Washington crawlin’ all over my ass because of the Diplomatic repercussions of this fuck up. I’ll be charmed to survive myself. Let me tell you right here and now Mister, if I fry over this so will you.”

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"Swallow a cover on that before you burn the construction down." She jokingly said aloud. Or blow us up, she said silently to herself, apprehensive that she would do something in her unbalanced condition that was beyond Donna's savoir vivre to understand or foretaste. "I am going to accept you home, feed you, and put you to bed. Are you ready?" Sandra nodded. "You can careless some of your charge on the way nursing home; grow some flowers on the roadside maybe?" Donna marched out of the restroom with Sandra in tow and moved purposely toward the door, spouting commands, as a silent and subdued Sandra meekly followed.
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Marc gave her a mixed up look, “Technically no? I’ve never had sex with a virgin, but I could’ve sworn you were because you were so tight. Compensate mould stygian, my God I thought you were going to rip it off.”

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It had been almost twenty-four hours since the induction had began, twelve hours since Callia had been charmed off of the cervidil and put on the petocin to affect the contractions usual.
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