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“C’mon, let’s go for a walk.” He pulled out a pair of sandals as a replacement for her. “I got these from the hold. You can leave your shoes here.”

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"This needs to be fitted." She glanced at her sentry.
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It was about them. The barkeep and the woman who had forgotten herself…they were the children in the story. Adrian was misplaced in the woods. He had been for ever since the fluke. He didn’t know the way home, or if home was even his to enjoy anymore. The stolen whore was lost, too, and would not till hell freezes over dream of her home again. But she had known, from the very beginning, something that he had not. Something important. Something he should have realized from the very minute that Hunter hired him to cater to bar. And that solitary thing made her very wise undeniably.

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"I see that you have been told the good news."
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“A problem in the course of later. Let’s go.”

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He laughed and explained.
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