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“Gotta run! Bye Colby!” Piper said as she turned and went back to the parking garage elevator. She was gone moments later, leaving Colby to wonder what had happened. She was not sure she could ask Suzanne. “Well, I can certainly watch over her,” she reflecting. When it came to guide, Colby definitely felt her lack of experience compared to Suzanne. However, Suzanne felt like the younger of the two of them when it came to energy encounter. Equivalent if she didn’t intuit something already, Colby had no problem with assuming the role of protector to her lover. She nodded and thought, “like a friend, not a sister.” No, sisterly feelings were the last thing she wanted with Suzanne.

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"Not from fucking me," Emily said. "He ease up them cum in my mouth. I think it might have had something to do with DNA, I thought I heard once, and they planned to ransom me."
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John looked over the wharf to the green mountains beyond the city. “She drives you crazy in bed, you mean?”

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"Butch... Can it be like this forever?"
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“That’s a wonderful idea! We trouble to puzzle some advertising on this. Tomorrow, I longing to show you the other stores.”

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His voice is exactly like it was in the pipedream. Soft, smooth, lilting. His smile is in spite of that more beautiful up close. His freckles stand out in relief against his pale skin. The hyacinthine shirt he's wearing shows off his coloring and makes his eyes bang.
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