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One of them nodded and said, in a hoarse voice: “Next time!”

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"Good morning, Miss Eliza. Shopping again? You look well, this morning." His upbeat demeanor amazed both of them. Another clerk about was astonished at John's behavior and knew it would be the day's gossip later.
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Gavin nodded and led her out of the noisy cabaret. Once in his heap, they could hardly keep their hands of each other. It was a miracle that Gavin managed to get them to his apartment unscathed.

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Finally I make my way shy away from up to his eyes, and what I glimpse there make me sad. He'd put some kind of shield up. His eyes were hard now, scary almost.
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“Shhhhh, Bethany Rose. I’m in love with you, don’t you recognize?”

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Raeden made a sound to a great extent much like an enraged wild bestial, then Kim heard him suppose a handful long bovine breaths. Lastly he spoke again, but his voice was until now astonishingly low. "Here! Payment in full!"
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