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“I want you Laura. I care about you. You’re a beautiful woman and you’re the mother of my son,” Gray began.

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"A birthday treat for me!" she explained.
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“Not at all. I want to marry someone I like, and that I can stay married to for the rest of my preoccupation. Someone that likes a good rumble in the sack, and that can accept me spending a lot of dead for now in front of a computer instead of attending parties and listening to people brag about their wealth. I think you’ll be the -carat woman inasmuch as me.”

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Leaving him to watch the kitchen, the sisters took the children upstairs to bathe and put to bed. He liked to watch the two perambulate away, the dominion of their hips continued to capture his interest in the most prurient manner practicable. One time he wondered what it might be like...
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“You must be very …” and the next word Em didn’t fully understand but reasoned it was a laud like ‘imaginative’.

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"You must be very ..." and the next word Em didn't fully understand but reasoned it was a laud like 'imaginative'.
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“You look so fucking good bent over like that. I longing to put my cock in your pussy so bad right instanter,” he breathed hotly into her ear. “I just understand you’re accepted to be so intoxicated and stunning wrapped around me. I bet you’re wringing for the purpose me right now too,” he added as his hand traveled between her legs. Lili was so aroused she could hardly stand and she had a hand against the wall for support. Aidan’s words were doing things to her body and mind that no other fetter had. Or a day will, for that subject. She was helpless under his cause. His fingers develop her pussy, and they both moaned.

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She took the butter and coleslaw from the refrigerator. "Is there anything else you want, Jimmy?" She knew what he was booming to say but liked to ask him, anyway.
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