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“And, now you want to take me. Do you think she’d mind. I mean…”

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After lunch, this time with sliced ham and coleslaw, Bethany Rose started meeting with the employees, starting with the flesh department. The biggest problem there was unsold product.
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“I’m not quite done with my Tesoro, but I might have one more,” Suzanne told the bartender. She let a subtle change end up into her voice. It was slower and slightly lower; and it was much sexier. “I’ll think about it, but thanks for checking,” she said with a smile as she met Sandy’s eyes.

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Nicole didn't be experiencing any of Colby's mixed feelings. She laughed. "Jeez, journey catch a room!" she told them and then laughed again as they looked over at Nicole and Colby.
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“I could have picked you for identical of those.” He said slyly.

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Certain minutes went beside. John waited. He had nowhere to go and still hadn't received the answer he needed.
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