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You’re perfect the way you are – Katie xoxo

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You're perfect the way you are - Katie xoxo
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“I’m just a little tender.” I admitted reluctantly. He looked totally unornamented. I wasn’t actually quite that tender or sore – it had been a reflex more than anything – but I wondered if he’d ever been faced with a night after or if they’d all been one dusk stands.

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"Assist these old paint tubes, grasp how they are edit out open?"
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All the stereotypical occurrences that set off hand-in-hand with high school dances occurred. Someone spiked the punch toward the end of the night, causing at least three teachers to get tipsy. Chaperones walked ’round sternly telling couples to promenade with less gyrations, and couples did so until the chaperones were once again out of order of note. Two girls on the Homecoming Court dissolved into sobs when the captain of the Cheer Squad was crowned Queen, and all the girls went nonsensical when Bobby was crowned King. Rumors of a clash in the parking lot floated around, but no one knew if they were true, and everybody agreed that the DJ needed to bar playing territory music.

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"I don't think I can do this," she whispered.
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“I’m sorry, Miss Wilson. We did everything we could. His heart stopped beating during the surgery and we tried repeatedly to reawaken him. We weren’t able to get it going again,” he told her. He was well practiced at delivering speeches like this. His forum was regretful but firm. “Sometimes medicine isn’t adequately.”

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