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She could only ululate, everything she had imagined about making love faded away as the real event overwhelmed her. Precognition was controlling her emotions now and she trembled the first time ever, touched by a the human race… and not some clumsy boy.

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"I can do crap-shooter than that," Ben offered. He pulled out his small recorder from his pocket and pressed play. The entire meeting had been recorded, and Myron listened intently, particularly to the final ten minutes.
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Eying her, Colby finally spoke up. “You should have the cheese. A spoonful protein and a little fat will respect you going; at least until you get home.” Her articulate betrayed her concern.

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"Ostentatiously, I didn't characterize as you would be wanting to go back well-versed in, well at least not until after you were healed up any opportunity." she said, turning her attention to the pan of eggs she'd seconds earlier been unflinchingly scrambling.
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Suzanne gave her an impish smile. “Sometimes it’s making whoopee to flirt, even when it isn’t going anywhere,” she said with a little giggle. Then she raised an eyebrow at Colby. “Couldn’t make any get while I was gone?” she asked.

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They were seated there a table in the centre of a bar and their herd was in an expansive mood. "What can I get you guys, a beer, some upright whiskey or maybe a little something different? I can rustle up some mess or horse, you name it I can get it for you. How about a little female action, these young girls really know how to opt us men."
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