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“I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’re giving me.”

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It was after nine before Suzanne turned off the pounce and left. It was not extraordinarily late for her. Nevertheless, it wasn't typical to stay quite that long. As she walked to the pile, she tried to preserve her mind on superficial things, dinner, if there was sufficiently cat food, and the fact that she hadn't got to the gym. It had not been her plan to work lately. Losing the unbroken morning wasn't either. The other reasons for working late, she ignored.
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They drove home without talking. The radio continued to belt at fault its songs. Considering she had neutral maimed Nathan, Charlie didn’t really feel like talking. She had sat clandestinely in the passenger seat, climbing into some memories that she thought she had locked out of her mind. She remembered the time that she had gotten stitches. No one was there to hold her hand. The nurse and doctor simply went about their medical issue. Instead, it was all very clinical and quite motionless.

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"Why don't you ask him on date?" Blaine rocked back on his heels and smiled.
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