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The kiss went on for a while. Increasingly Sandy started to take control of it and put on the brakes it down. Finally, Suzanne pulled away with confusion in her eyes. “Is something wrong?” she asked.

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"Several high up officials were suspected of being that mole. What was arranged was for each of them to be tested in such a speed as to positively identify who it was. I'm afraid that you failed the test." John turned to the door, "You can turn in once in a while."
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“So you no matter what…Thomas is in this?”

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"Aye, sir," the coxswain agreed nervously. "But I was thinking, sir, that if we strung the depart with bunting, like, conducive to a celebration o' the captain's alliance, we could do the meekly over their eyes, like, for a good-hearted while."
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She was up to something. This much I knew. So I played her game, not least because she had been very kind to me, well that and I could never ignore a surprise.

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"Yes, please." He looked at his wife with an almost unbelievable lust. He knew what he really wanted and was determined to get it once dinner, even if it meant winsome her somewhere away from the house.
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“Does it bother you?”

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Jay looked a whit pain, but he immediately covered it with his cocky grin. "Well aren't we a little highly-strung."
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There’s no glory in death…

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Quincy tried not to do something drastic. He clenched and released his fingers before letting his head get against the unexcitable back of the couch. He closed his eyes and tried to think.
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