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While the two lovers were working out their frustrations in bed, at the dinner table, John was working out his own frustrations with their dinner guest.

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Several of the Directors of the Nugan Agency Bank were retired US military personnel, some of whom gave their address as the San Francisco offices of 'Air America' a CIA controlled airline that official never existed, and which was used by that agency for clandestine operations in Laos and Vietnam that included the transportation of arms and drugs. Other Directors gave their address as Continental Air Services/US Agency instead of International Evolvement (CAS/USAID).
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She turned and stared in horror at Sir Edward Pelham, whose head had sunk forward onto his breast, spattering his dark naval uniform with the bright red blood flowing from the wound in the center of his forehead.

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"It's not stalking, it's not stalking, it's not stalking." This was the mantra that Greg was repeating to himself as he paced on the alley outside Tori's apartment building. He had made the decision to pursue her, to actively stake his claim on her rather than neutral sitting back and waiting for her to be shown to him. No one could deny the chemistry they had with one another, the previous edge of night had demonstrated this. But then Greg also had to take effect into account that she had been damaged from her previous let down. If he was honest, he hoped that this exceedingly was her conclude for leaving and not because he was a lousy lay. He hoped that if she took the time to see him again, he could show her that not all men were like that, and that although he was prone to moments of idiocy, for the most part his marrow was good.
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