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“Prevention out of this Jasmine. I want this destructive bitch out of my house right this minute.” Luke said and Jasmine watched his mother shrink from as if he had slapped her. She tried to speak, but Consuela held up her hand.

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"They have been instrumental in the overthrow of specific governments when it appeared that American interests were in jeopardy likely to be. It has been so-called that they were directly responsible for the assassination of Allende and his replacement by Pinochet in Chile. It has even been suggested in inevitable circles that they were behind the overthrow of your very own Whitlam government in '75."
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“No, it’s not!” Kim cried, pulling his face away from Raeden’s chest to look into his eyes. “I … you gave away your give someone a ring—Lyzel’s ring. Raeden, why did you do that?”

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"No." she shook her head side to side rapidly. "It's not you." Donna started the truck and began driving away, yelling out the window.
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“I take a boyfriend back in France but he choice leave me now,” Emily said assuredly.

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"And that's the point first-rate," Gray said with a roguish grin as he pulled her against him as he delved his fingers in and out of her. Laura cried out as he began playing with her clit, and was glad when she felt his other arm tighten around her.
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