“Palsy-walsy. I am sending you to Sydney.”

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“Palsy-walsy. I am sending you to Sydney.”
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“Fuck!” I gasped, sitting bolt upright and waving my hand in front of my puss. “What the fuck?”
Jill couldn’t help but laugh, balmy relief flooding from top to bottom her at inexorably being wager on the scope. She turned her head and gave Rory a speedy osculation on the cheek, despite her thoughts on public displays of affection. “I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not. That’s what you get for dragging me on that thing in the first place!”
“I hope that you know what you are letting yourself in in the course of. This one is just as bad as my Tony.”
“No,” she moaned, her eyes closed partially and she pushed back against him. As Gray thrust into her, Laura pushed pursuing and rubbed her ass against him; between her movements and the noises she was making, Laura was driving him absolutely crazy. “Oh God Gray!” Laura gasped as her climax climbed higher and higher within her.
Harry saw her rating and number on the caller Id. and answered the phone quickly.
“Palsy-walsy. I am sending you to Sydney.”
“I bet it’s good being paid to do nothing. Probably if there’s nothing to do, then there’s nothing to keep you is there?”


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