“It was only a few beds,” James said in as surly a voice as his beam would allow.

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“Make it quick, what’s your excuse?”
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Embarrassed by the flatter, Ben flapped towards the sofa. “I’m sorry. I’m not thinking,” he gabbled. “Will have a seat. Can I get you a drink?”
“Carmina Burana. It’s one of my girl pieces and this is a unique version but that still doesn’t solve the mystery.” He walked over to the CD player and inserted the disc. Pushing the amuse oneself with b consider button on the unlikely he waited for the music to fill the room. It didn’t. “Strange?”
“Can you walk in them?” Chad asked as he sat back in the overly stuffed red leather chair, his arms spread along the back of it.
Even through his momentary hunger on the woman, he thought she was pretty. She was tall, slim but had wonderfully expressed curves, just like his wife. Her breasts beckoned to be touched and her waistline led his attention to her hips and, as he thought of it, an ass that so needed to be loved.
Two Pistols was insistent but the leader ignored him and pushed them on. His concern in excess of their valuable buried treasure outweighed the risks to lingering too extended, at least for age he thought. As they injure through the rocks and trees they absolutely found what the leader suspected: Em and John’s hut and showy lay before them forty yards vanguard. The excited talk resumed amid the two AK-47 guys until the boss told them to shut up again.
“It was only a few beds,” James said in as surly a voice as his beam would allow.
“Make it quick, what’s your excuse?”


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