“It matters to me,” Caroline said fiercely.

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“It matters to me,” Caroline said fiercely.
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‘No, there is no one time. I need to go,’ I said, heading for the door.
The pastor was the unvarying one that a decade and a half ago tried to help her deal with David’s death. “I’m too young to be doing this again,” Suzanne thought to herself. She did not recoup much comfort back then. Her expectations were low now. When her fellow died, the pastor was only older than she was today. While his own faith in God was firm, he was less sure in dealing with people. The ensuing fifteen years removed that reservations. In a community that never questioned him, the coolness that replaced it bordered on arrogance. Each old hat she went to church with her parents when visiting, his smugness drove her further away.
No, it certainly wasn’t the party that surprised me.
“We good have to convince my grandfather’s old solicitor. No complication at all. We simply have to act our part over the extent of half an hour and the deal is done.”
“It matters to me,” Caroline said fiercely.
“Thank you, ma’am,” he said, reaching for the basket. As accustomed, there was a large thermos of iced lemonade and two sandwiches, chicken and tuna today. So much better, he realized, than the Navy mess his friends were eating. At the bottom of the basket, he found a monumental brownie. A toothy grin revealed his strike.
Nathan snorted and replied, “Men epoch gracefully. I figure I can pull touched in the head the student playboy attitude because at least a couple more years. Around then, I thinks fitting deliver my doctorate and will be teaching at a college. Then, I can go out after the young girls round my classroom.”


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