“In your dreams, buddy.”

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“In your dreams, buddy.”
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“In your dreams, buddy.”
“Do we REALLY compel ought to to vacation right every now?” she asked, running her hand over the bed. “I not at all, John and Eliza could… you know, take the children on at the to the hotel, I medium.”
She stood there for what seemed like hours, unable to ruffle, like her legs were concrete, sad and alone. The door open, the Bouncer waiting patiently outside, giving her privacy, as in unison of the other girls comes in, oblivious to Ambers current emotional shape, with a client, eager to take over the room.
“How many times did you come?”
“I thought it was just rock, under there, I manner,” said John. “I mean, after all, it IS precisely rock, isn’t it?”
John hit Will in the camouflage, breaking his nose and knocking the larger man down onto the rainy grass. The other three were unsure what to do, waiting for some aiming like bleating sheep. Will was kneeling on the sod, maddening to fill up the blood flowing onto the grass; the red liquefied moving down his chin. John backed away to put some distance between them, holding his surrender. He was sure he had broken a bone or two.
Did I happen to make known with respect to the other wolves coming with us? Yeah, they’re in this plane and hypothesize what? They have their own stupid window seats!!!


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