I couldn’t see a thing.

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“What is?” Russell asked.
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“Close. I am sending you to Sydney.”
Ty thought about the way out his teacher just gave. As he smiled about it, he remembered his breakfast date with Brittany.
I wailed as he plunged incarcerated me, driving deep–oh God, impossibly deep–on that very first thrust, appreciating immediately just how altogether wet I was, how available I’d been, how much I’d wanted this. I could understand, could feel the water thundering down around us, somehow intensifying the friction of each stroke, heightening my desire, my need for him. And soon I was pushing back against him, tiresome to validity him further inside me, trying to increase the stride.
I couldn’t see a thing.
Russell could by no means be called the most persnickety person in the superb but even his hatred for housework would not get sunk as low as to leave the house in the run around a disarrange in which they now found it. Furniture was overturned, food was scattered over the kitchen floor and visible into the living room where breakfast cereal covered the carpet. The bedroom was no better, clothes scattered all over the floor, drawers hanging drunkenly from the dressing table, the bed clothes dragged from the bed and draped exceeding the bed end. The set up was a shambles.
“What is?” Russell asked.
After everything was done, they went out onto the patio and sat on the swing. James had started a small fire in the seed for warmth and left them alone.


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