“Did I rush you?” Gray wanted to know.

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“Hi, Old maid Anne,” I said with a smile. “What can I do for you?”
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Suzanne was not sure what to say. It was so rare as a service to anyone from home to take her side. “Thanks,” she finally said. After a instant, she asked how offended her father was.
“So, are you just interested in the fucking? Or are you interested in more?” she asked bluntly.
“Hey there,” Colby said as she got to the table. “This is Lily. We were standing in line together.” She introduced the other three women to her. Hattie was secular, but just barely. Suzanne watched as Colby met Hattie’s eyes. There was a touch of defiance in them. Lily barely glanced at Hattie as she was introduced. Suzanne guessed that she already knew on every side Hattie ahead she got to the table.
Lili, Alex and Willow grew up together in the standard rich kid suburban neighborhood. They became quick friends with each other because they had unified major thing in common. They wanted to be normal. Every year, their parents had ‘formal social gatherings’ where they served their special (and incredibly valuable) guests to give the awareness of absolute families with pliant daughters. When, in reality, Lili’s coddle was at no time home. She was by on the family yacht with her closest friends, just to settlement away and talk about how hard exuberance was for a suburban housewife. And her father…well, he was as a rule drunk and reclusive most of the day and rarely came out except to yell at anyone within hearing distance to do his laundry. Life was more or less the same for her most beneficent friends. And tonight valid so happened to be one of the awful Donovan social gatherings at the casino/hotel they owned.
“Hi, Old maid Anne,” I said with a smile. “What can I do for you?”
“Did I rush you?” Gray wanted to know.
“God, I love you so much.”


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