Darrow thought of his own secret love, Mary Territory Parton, saving him from suicide without hope in ’12 when he was on trial after jury tampering and had to leave California.

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"No. I don't touch out of bed unless I hears someone comin' through the window."
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One of them nodded and said, in a hoarse voice: “Next time!”

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"Good morning, Miss Eliza. Shopping again? You look well, this morning." His upbeat demeanor amazed both of them. Another clerk about was astonished at John's behavior and knew it would be the day's gossip later.
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“What’s the matter with her?”

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"What's the matter with her?"
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They were eating dinner when Suzanne looked up from her food. “I was thinking concerning calling my dad. We haven’t talked since more willingly than the trip,” she said.

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"Alexander, I'm trying to slumber."
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“I evaluate that we had better stick to lunch, you aren’t in any fit fitness for your idea of ‘something’.”

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"I evaluate that we had better stick to lunch, you aren't in any fit fitness for your idea of 'something'."
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Butch laughed loudly and I joined in.

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And suddenly, he bent down, making me squawk as he scooped me up into his arms and promptly bore me rancid down the aisle to the accompaniment of even more whooping and clapping, the Registrar calling after us in tones brimming with mirth. "Hey! I said you could kiss the bride, not seize her!"
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I needed to call Jen to tell her where I was and give her my new phone include, but I didn’t know what to allege till. Not to mention, I didn’t want to have to hear her freak out, because that would contrariwise belief me to panic.

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"And William," Edward added by way of punishment.
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“Not despite it. I told them that we will get married but I haven’t told them when.”

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"Then, yes," Clara said, "I want to do this."
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“And you say the driver didn’t seem to understand what happened, he didn’t mention another car at all?”

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"And you say the driver didn't seem to understand what happened, he didn't mention another car at all?"
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At ten o’clock they were seated once more in the Morgan. Jane leant over to kiss Bryan. “Do you think you can subject to on that until we reach London?”

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"You know what I wish?" she asked Colby.
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