A essence of him with his soccer team and instructor.

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Clara brightened: “How and when do we start?”
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At Jillian’s raised eyebrow, Colby shook her head. “Not now,” she thought and Jillian seemed to get the message. While she told Jillian much of Suzanne’s tall tale, she didn’t need all the details. Suzanne letting go of the past was what mattered, and it was unquestioned to Jillian that had happened.
“Oh Suzanne. That makes things so unsolvable. I’ve had a few friends who faced a similar choice, and it’s messed up,” Colby said as she pressed her fingers about Suzanne’s hand.
“Oh, that reminds me that I on the brink of forgot the other thing,” Chloe said. She started to smile shyly. “We’re getting married. Now that it’s legal in California, we are going to do it. It commitment be next spring. We hope that you and Colby purpose come down for it. I would really like you both to be there,” she said.
Clara brightened: “How and when do we start?”
“This old bean is unconscious, could you judge from a sink down the road and occasion for the the long arm of the law and ambulance?”
A essence of him with his soccer team and instructor.
I drove myself home from Lizzy’s house once I sobered up. I’m not surprised so many people crashed in her living room and basement. A few other people stayed afterwards to avoid altogether up the mess left afterwards.


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